Monday, 6 March 2017

Windhoek in trance

PHIIL: Day 17/Mar 3

Sombre drive to Windhoek with Allie semi-stupefied by a combination of tranquiliser pills and shock. She is this way for most of the day as I lead her zombie-like around the city centre to try and recover from the trauma. Of course being a Saturday the German Embassy is closed and we can’t find the British High Commission, so our plan to report our experience is thwarted. Allie spends the rest of the day sleeping fitfully. A very Germanic evening at Joe’s Beer House later on with Allie in recovery mode – full of local and expat Germans of all shapes and sizes.

View over Windhoek
ALLIE: DAY 17: 3rd of March

Windhoek in trance

I had taken a sleeping pill to overcome my worries and bad memories of the incident, but they seem to have a disastrous effect on me: I feel sleepy the whole day. Sleep in the car during the one hour drive back to Windhoek, manage a few dozy steps in the main street of the capital searching for a new phone and a cup of coffee, sleep again in the Backpackers Lodge, drag myself up, jump briefly into the pool, drive out to Eros Airport which again is a disappointment for Phil (only one old aircraft but no sign of activity at all), pay a visit to the history museum (which is filled with memorabilia of the independence struggle), look at the Christus Kirche (which is supposedly neo-gothic, but looks more romance to us), drink another coffee at the Zoo CafĂ©, drive back to the lodge to sleep some more, get up to write this and force myself to join Phil for a night out at the famous “Joe’s beerhouse”.

Christus Kirche Windhoek
I am angry about the loss of my phone. It will take ages to get all the data back, and of course all the pictures that we had taken. They are gone forever. What a pity!
My left arm is turning blue, the guy had grabbed me so strong. Wonder what happens to him today. The police told us, that “interrogation” is resumed at 10.00 in the morning. Wanted to report our case to the German embassy, but the office in Windhoek was shut. What else do you expect from a German office on a Saturday?
I think we are both very ready to leave this country and move on. But there is one more day to be filled tomorrow and we are running out of ideas as what to do.

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